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About Preston Wing Chun

Preston Wing Chun Kung Fu Club was founded in (1982) by “Sifu” Joseph Oliver.
Joseph Oliver studied Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, for many years under Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. In October 2005 Sifu Joseph Oliver handed down his club to his most senior student Steven Rigby and in November 2005 Sifu Joeseph Oliver emigrated over sea’s to enjoy his retirement on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat.

In 2015 Preston wing chun was handed down to Ian Mallinson, Sifu Steven Rigbys most senior student. Instruction is now given full time at Preston Wing Chun by Sifu Ian Mallinson.

Preston Wing Chun is a relatively small club with between fifteen to twenty members at anyone time and class size and membership is governed to enable quality tutoring with regard to personal development.

We are affiliated to and a member of the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association, a member of the British Council for Chinese

Martial Arts -(BCCMA), the official Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts in the UK, and a member of the International Ving Tsun Athletic Association.

Grand Master Samuel Kwok is the most senior European representative of Traditional Ip Family Wing Chun. The late Great Grand Master Ip Man is more famously known as the teacher of Bruce Lee and the father of modern Wing Chun. Ip Man had two son’s Ip Chun and Ip Ching and under their guidance Samuel Kwok continues to represent and promote Traditional Ip Family Wing Chun throughout Europe, just as he has for many years.

Preston wing chun family tree
Preston wing chun family tree

Preston Wing Chun is very fortunate to have such a revered master right on its doorstep just twenty minutes drive away and takes full advantage of the fact, regularly attending Master Samuel Kwok’s seminars and training classes at Blackpool. Being a member of the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association also gives us the opportunity to accompany Master Kwok on his training camps to places like Majorca, Hong Kong and China. All of course subject to availability and relevant costs. your social media marketing partner