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Frequently Asked Questions

How much per session is it and can I pay monthly?

Cost per session is kept to a minimum as we are a non profit making club but like any other club have expenses to cover. We are a small club and we feel learning a quality martial art should not be a costly process. With this in mind, our session prices are as low as possible. The price does not reflect in any way the true value of the lesson for if it did you could not afford to come. Price is £4.00 Adult & £3.00 Under 16. A discounted monthly payment scheme is available for committed members who regularly attend both sessions Tuesday & Thursday consecutively. You can pay on the night prior to the lesson; but most members prefer to take advantage of the discounted rate.

Are there any other costs?

All beginners and new comers undergo a course of 4 introductory lessons. There after, anyone wishing to continue taking lessons will be required to commit to an annual membership fee of £25, to the Samuel Kwok- Martial Arts Association That is inclusive of personal insurance with the (BCCMA) British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.
As a member of Master Samuel Kwoks Association we often attend seminars and classes held by Master Kwok and have the opportunity to accompany Master Kwok on his training camps to places like Majorca, Hong Kong and visits to China. All of course subject to availability and relevant costs.

When are the classes held?

Classes are held two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, class starts at 8.00pm “Do not be late”.

Do you hold classes for children? “Dean from Bamber Bridge”

We do not hold separate classes for children. Most techniques are very direct and effective they also require an element of control along with trust and responsibility therefore we only teach teenagers from age 14 upwards.

Are classes predominately male? “Jane from Leyland”

Yes for some reason we tend to have more male than female practitioners but do not let this put you off; as the system was originally developed by a Buddhist Nun and is ideally suited for people of a smaller build. Wing Chun does not require or rely on strength to be effective.
Pepper spray is good but you have to get it out of your bag first, why not just use Wing Chun.

Will I get hurt? I do not like pain. “Chris Vaz”

Wing Chun is a close range combat martial art system and some contact is inevitable.
All techniques applications and strikes are done in a “Controlled” manner, in a safe relaxed friendly environment. You will experience some muscle stiffness and soreness at the beginning that over time will eventually become less as you learn to relax and develop better technique. The occasional fat lip has occurred through over zealous enthusiasm, and several egos have been bruised, safe use and practise of all techniques is constantly reiterated.

I have never done any Martial Arts before, does this matter? “Ivor, UCLAN student”

Absolutely not! In fact it is sometimes better as a beginner to have no previous martial arts experience. It’s far easier to learn if you have no preconceptions or any influence from any other discipline you may have studied before you started Wing Chun. It is also beneficial if you can mentally wipe the slate clean so to speak if you have studied other disciplines, as they often work on different principles. Old habits are hard to break.

Do you enter competitions? “Gavin from Preston”

Answer to this is No! Wing Chun is not a sport based Martial Art. It is a close range combat Martial Art system with techniques that would more often than not be illegal or end in disqualification in a competition, the application would be more suited for street self defence or even battle field hand to hand combat.

Will I need uniform or special footwear? “General Question”

All you need to start training is a pair of tracksuit bottoms and T, shirt. When you become a member black tracksuit bottoms and club or association T, shirt is required. The training hall is matted throughout and no footwear is required, bare feet or socks are adequate.

How long will it take before I will be able to use it? “Richard head from Kirkham”

If you are in a rush it will almost certainly take longer than you think which you will - “I expect” not be prepared to wait for, maybe you would be better suited to something else. You cannot put a time limit on something that has to be developed, such as skill or ability for it can only increase with practise over time. As for completing the system I will only say if you train only once a week it will take twice as long as training two times a week. An important fact to remember is the fact that a system or even an individual technique has to be learned and developed and understood before you can successfully use it, and even then it should only be used as a last resort when diplomacy fails.

Do you have a grading system and what do the belts range from? “Trevor from Preston”

Yes at Preston Wing Chun we do have a grading system and syllabus, as for belts we only use these to hold up our trousers. Grading is not done on a regular basis. All grading is done by Master Samuel Kwok himself to ensure an high standard. Persons wishing to undertake grading will be assessed prior to grading. Only competent dedicated practitioners will be recommended for grading. The grading system ranges from Red Sash phases 1,2,3,4. Green Sash phases 1,2,3,4. Brown Sash phases 1,2,3,4. Black Sash phases 1,2,3.

I am interested in learning Wing Chun but live in Burnley. “Michael”

Not a problem Michael as there is an excellent Wing Chun club and member of the Master Samuel Kwok Association not far from you in Colne. For further information contact Steve Colton on 01282 860275. Master Samuel Kwok has over fifty schools in fifteen different countries please feel free to contact us to find your nearest one. Alternatively go to and check out the association schools page.

How long have you been practising?

Do not ask this question for the length of time someone has been practising is not a good way to determine how good that person is. Ability decides seniority in Wing Chun, a person can have trained for twenty years every Tuesday evening and have never missed a lesson and his ability may only be equal to that of someone who has trained intensively for twelve months under the right teacher with the right information.

I am 38 years old and not very supple, Is it worth me beginning a Martial Art? “Chris”

You could come and ask me the same question when you are 58 years old, you will be even older and even less supple and it would have taken you twenty years of your life to work it out. Do not look for excuses why you cannot do it, if you fancy it and think it might be what you are looking for give it a go, or you will never know.

I am currently studying at UCLAN and my free time is generally taken up by lots of study work, I am looking for an escape could Wing Chun help? “Mellissa”

When attending class it is a great way to escape from the everyday rat race, when entering the training hall we show a sign of respect and leave our everyday worries and thoughts behind and just concentrate on training. This can be very beneficial mentally as some students can be working toward an exam and are revising every minute they get, they find it helps to escape from studies for a couple of hours during Wing Chun practise and feel some what refreshed when they resume later or the next day, as appose to having all their revision still going round and round in their head, a change is sometimes as good as a rest.

Do you have a question?

If you are genuinely interested in learning and developing a skill such as Wing Chun and would like more information please feel free to contact us via Email or Telephone.
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