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What is Wing Chun

Ip Man and Bruce Lee

Wing Chun is an explosive close range combat martial art system that originated in southern China 300 to 400 years ago. The system consists of three empty hand forms, wooden dummy form and two weapons forms. Wing Chun is unique compared to most other martial arts in that it does not rely on strength against strength making it more suitable for persons of a small build or stature.

It is a scientific form of martial art that utilises various concepts and principals in order to defeat an aggressor. Designed with self preservation in mind Wing Chun is ideally suited for self protection, something you may well need with today’s ever increasing violent society. Wing Chun has many health benefits,

one in particular is relaxation. One aspect of Wing Chun is learning to conserve energy, for example in a tense situation it is necessary in order to defend oneself to be relaxed, If you are tense you are wasting energy, also your reactions will be slow, if you are relaxed you will just react and your reflexes will be much faster. Grandmaster Samuel Kwok says if you are afraid to get hit, you will be hit. The system is said to have originated from a Buddhist Nun who escaped the burning of the Shaolin temple, she past her knowledge on to a young women who in turn past the knowledge on to her husband. The system has been handed down generation by generation systematically enhanced along the way by various famous Masters. One such Master was the famous Ip Man, Also known as Bruce Lee’s teacher prior to his move to America and subsequent film star status. Ip Man past his knowledge on to many modern day disciples including his two sons Master Ip Chun and Master Ip Ching who in turn have continued to pass the knowledge on to others, most notably Master Samuel Kwok.
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok has dedicated over thirty years of his life to the study and promotion and preservation of the Traditional Ip Family Wing Chun system.
It was Ip Mans sincere wish for the Wing Chun system to be passed on from generation to generation unchanged and as original as was passed on to him. The knowledge handed down to him by two Masters Chan Wa Shun and later by Leung Bik the son of a famous herbal doctor from Foshan by the name of Leung Jan undoubtedly contributed considerably to the skill and ability Ip Man was so revered and famous for. It is without doubt a similar combination of two great masters Ip Chun and Ip Ching that have influenced and contributed to Master Samuel Kwoks knowledge and unquestionable skill and ability. At Preston Wing Chun it is that same knowledge and information we continue to teach, practise and promote.
Preston Wing Chun is affiliated to and a member of the Grandmaster Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association.
At Preston Wing Chun we study practise and teach Traditional Ip Family Wing Chun as taught by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. your social media marketing partner